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24-12-2010 It's over. I've stopped. Sounds more dramatic than it really is, because i haven't updated my site for about 2 years now. I have a full-time job for four years now, which takes most of my time. And the time i have left, i do not really want to spend in front of my computer. So, without further ado: please download some of my tracks which have not been signed. They're all available in glorious 320 kbps MP3, or even FLAC if you really want to...

Thanks for the support! Oh, and if you like some of the tracks, do leave a message in the guestbook below.


18-04-2012 - Dennis:
Wunderful Tunes.... listenig to them for so long now and love them sooo much. Thx for the awsome work!!

16-02-2011 - Jonathan:
I heard Two Spirits on youtube. It's really good. Keep up the good work.

24-12-2010 - Patrick:
Flink wat urgentie in al die nummers.

11-08-2009 - Harlan:
Hi man. Just droppin by to say that I adore your tunes. Just bought 'Two Spirits' on beatport and can't stop listening to it. Keep em comin man! Peace

11-05-2009 - Nico A:
just discovered your tunes thru youtube, very enjoyable mood, ill take a couple of them with me for the holidays and share with a few friends

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